Friday, September 28, 2007

liberty gourmet coming soon

In other retail news - Liberty Gourmet (bodega? food shop? specialty meats?) has as sign up on 11th and Adams. No doubt these new stores are springing up to help support the oncoming assault of new neighbors with the opening of 1000 Jefferson. Maybe they should open a pool maintenance store?

chic new dry cleaners multiply

The corner of 12th and Grand, which is a Tarragon/URSA property, also know as part of the Upper Grand redevelopment, has just opened it's first retail location - and it's none other than the chicest dry cleaner on the block. This is the second location in the area for this colorful clean addition to the neighborhood. Their other location is on 8th and Jefferson.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

new email address

HH has changed our email address. In the future if you have any tips, thoughts, comments, complaints, conspiracy theories, breaking news, jokes, pics, love notes, etc., please email:

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1000 jefferson, a lush concrete jungle!

At last there's some life at 1000 Jefferson! It's mostly green and doesn't speak much, but hey, it's a start! The above view, and the few below, are pics from the east side of the building, where one continuous tree type was used along the entire effect. When they flower in the spring it will be truly beautiful. Below, some grass plants and other ground cover:

Here's the view on the east side, facing north from the last stoop. Pretty cool that the trees enclose the view of the street, giving a treetop feeling. If that was my place, I'd drag a little bistro table and chairs out front and have coffee in the morning and read the paper. Who am I kidding? I never leave time for that in the morning, I'm always rushing around like a moron:

Here's a shot of the northeast retail space, which is one of four retail locations on the block. With such a huge influx of people, and the proximity to Shoprite, it should be no time before each spot is filled:

There are a lot of these trees on the west side of the building - all of their leaves have turned brown or fallen off, but there are tons of little red berries all over them. Must be what happens in fall? Or are they going through plant shock?

Nothin' says lovin' like a good birch tree:

It's hard to tell from the below pic, but they've planted very small leafy ground cover, which will eventually fill in and cover the mulch:

Here's another shot of the west side trees:

On a side note - on every side they've put in these jumbo sized lights!

Signage in the corner windows:

This lux rental building opening it's doors next month! Not sure how warm the pool will be in October, but after a few cocktails you won't feel the temperature anyway!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

slices and dices no more

Slices Unique Hair Styles...

Looks like it was once a very cool place to get a haircut. Jackson btwn 5th and 6th.

tick tock you don't stop!

There's a new emsee in town, and he's living on Jackson between 5th and 6th streets. This new construction is sandwiched between very old structures that should have been bought out to redevelop the entire block, but there must have been a snag. Nonetheless, it's across the way from Velocity Hoboken, and a block or so from the other high profile new building going up that HH loves very much: Ariel Square by Treetop Development. Below is a shot of the Emsee Hoboken.

Here's the pricing structure of the 12 available units:

For more info click below:

It seems this place is much more reasonably priced than what was across the street at Velocity Hoboken. Realism can equal happiness after all!

Monday, September 10, 2007

like a ton a.....

The crew at Metrostop is moving fast these days, with bricklaying having started over a week ago. They are really picking up speed! Below are three pictures of the south end of the building, with the beautiful rounded exterior, and the expansive outdoor stairs cases. Things are looking good. This place is going to turn into a charming social hub for our burgeoning neighborhood.

Here's a shot of the back side which faces the light rail. I must say, after watching the construction so far - it seems as though they are taking extra precautions to make sure the light rail 'noise' is kept at bay. The walls have many layers to them. As long as the windows that were chosen are insulated and thick, there should be little to no noise pollution for those living on the west side of the building. It should also be noted, that since the condos begin on what is really floor 3, all that will be seen out of their windows is lovely green trees blowing in the wind along the cliffs.

Here's a shot of the north end of the building, with the very high columns and balcony overhangs of apartments above. It seems this area is the main entrance for Metrostop, and it also serves as a transient area for access to the light rail. For the time being, that access point is closed, but when it opens, it will be a very convenient access point for home owners and the local neighbors who live beyond Jackson Street.

During their lunch breaks, the construction crew enjoys makeshift wire tire swing competitions:

This is a shot of the east side of Metrostop, along Jackson Street. This corner point, pictured below, will be finished using slick grey brick. A very cool contrast to the reddish brown bricks that are being used on the majority of the building.

I haven't covered Metrostop in a while now. If you are reading and haven't heard of this premiere building that is going up in northwest Hoboken - click below to learn more. When completed in June of 2008, it is set to completely transform this part of town.

P.S. Still no confirmation of a Starbucks going in, in case you were wondering...

heresay: monroe center developer running low on $$$

Rumor has it the developer of 800 Monroe, and The Monroe Center for the Arts is running low on funds. Which would explain the unfortunate lack of construction progress. HH has also heard they may be trying to unload their undeveloped property.

What have you heard? Please leave a comment...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

perhaps a future park?

Our mayor was quoted as saying Thirteenth and Jefferson could be the perfect spot for a new park. Anyone have some extra grass seed lying around? And something to break up this concrete? And a few million dollars?

Happy Labor Day everone! Sorry for the lack of posting, I've been travelling. HH will be reenergized after the long weekend...