Saturday, April 26, 2008

tough day at the office

Looking a little rough on 13th and Adams. Time to replace the linoleum. Maybe new bamboo flooring? I hear it's very environmentally friendly.

This is a giant piece of land, directly across from the Upper Grand development. It's basically a double wide, and cuts Jefferson Street in half. Would be an awesome park, no?

well hellooooo neighbor!

A year ago I introduced you to one of our favorite northwest Hoboken residents - the famous corner ranch mystery. Well, it seems my argument to relocate now has a stronger case. A new neighbor has just popped up, right next door, and boy are they an over achiever or what?! Six stories of wonder!

Progress marches on, and there's something, just....well...I don't know.........oh maybe a weeee little bit awkward about the low-rise scale of this cute one story ranch. Although well maintained, we feel even stronger now that it may be time for her to pack it in and retire to Florida.

Just Sell Already! Or, maybe install a pool on your ranch roof, and the next door neighbor can put up a cool slide from their 6th floor perch? At least for summer maybe? Pool parties rule.

the washington post loves hoboken

Click the link below to read an awesome piece about Hoboken from The Washington Post. You'll want to forward it to all those skeptical friends of yours, because it clearly explains the lure of living here.

The Washington Post - Hoboken, N.J.: Start Spreading The News

Sunday, April 20, 2008

snoozefest strip mall

Our new 1 story shopping center going up across from our future movie theater, and next to the 14th Street viaduct, is moving at a glacial pace.

That big mound of dirt on the north side will be the parking lot area:

It's spring, let's get this party started already!

Maybe someone needs to stop by with her blow torch and light a fire under the contractor's keister!

sunblock please

800 Madison has put up some official renderings, tied along the fence around the property. Looks more modern than the other buildlings they have put up, and we like what we see!

One concern though - HH has received several emails about these signs and how they are currently blocking sight lines along Madison when crossing 9th Street. Could cause an accident if drivers aren't careful.

Brick work is moving along nicely! We love the north and south sides, which will be all gray bricks. Very cool. Here's a shot of the Madison Street side:

And of course, our favorite detail so far - the amazing all window corner units:

The renters who move into these corner spots will most definitely be either a) horny exhibitionists, b) 'greenies' who like to use less electricity, or c) those who enjoy getting tan while working from the their home office.

in honor of earth day

Saw this sign the other day - the name change is official. Free tree with each unit rented!

Why do people do this? Just in time for Earth Day!

Monday, April 14, 2008

would you like room for milk?

An astute reader of Hoboken Hero pointed out that the renderings of Metrostop being used on the developer's website include Starbucks on the ground floor. HH thinks these might be old renderings, but nonetheless, for Metro Homes LLC to continue to use them as the real deal is interesting, isn't it?

The mystery continues...

a galaxy of goat cheese

HH had the pleasure of attending a cheese tasting at The Cheese Store recently. This particular tasting was all about the myriad of cheeses produced from our friend the goat. It was fascinating, and quite tasty. It's funny how enjoyable food can be when you actually pay attention to what you are eating.

Whether you are an on-and-off cheese beginner, an obsessive compulsive hoarder, or the refined wino, you will love the monthly tastings that Chung hosts at his store.

$30 bought HH an enormous plate of cheese - pictured above. Plus all the bread, crackers, nuts, dried fruits, and jams that you can cram into your mouth. It was suggested that we each bring a favorite bottle of white wine to compliment our cheeses, and also to loosen up the crowd. Here's Chung getting everything ready:

After taking our seats and getting comfortable, we journeyed through our plate in a clockwise fashion, tasting, sipping, mmmmmming, nodding our head and rubbing our tummies in delight. Chung briefed us on what we were trying, where it came from, why it tasted like it does, and I have to say it was simply fascinating.

From a basic Chevre (what you find in the supermarket), to a Selles sur Cher (heaven with mold on it!) that was so perishable it was flown in to his store and aged right there on Monroe Street in his refrigerated cases. We tried many different types of goat cheeses - a blue cheese (who knew?!), a Kunik (has a touch of cow's milk for smoothness), and the Midnight Moon, a personal favorite.

After answering all of our questions, from the basic to the more complicated, we were free to wander the shop and marvel at the refrigerated cases full of cheese from all over the world, as well as the spreads, fruits, nuts, jams, meats, sweets and dry goods - basically anything you can think of to complement cheese.

In addition to fresh sandwiches each day, Chung also specializes in party platters and other entertaining options for when you have people over and want to impress.

I recently ordered a cheese/prosciutto platter that my guests just raved about. I was able to taste before buying, and each cheese came with a nifty paper sign that described the name, taste, and region. So chic. And after the party was over and we nursed our hangovers, I took all that leftover cheese and melted it down into a $75 gourmet mac & cheese, which we enjoyed until our bellies hurt. Then I froze the rest in individual portions for when I want to be lazy, and then took a nap.

Who knew cheese could provide so much bliss?

The Cheese Store
720 Monroe Street
@ the Monroe Center for the Arts

Sunday, April 13, 2008

spring is alive and kickin'

Spring is here everyone. Have you stopped to notice the birds chirping, and all of our flowering trees in bloom?

free fun at monroe center today

The Monroe Center for the Arts today is throwing open its doors for some creative inspiration. Beginning at 12 noon today - there will be all kinds of free things to check out, including dance performances, local studio tours of artists, a live music workshop and a reading by the Mile Square Theater. Click here for more info. Also the Shades bar will be open for the day to nourish and give you a buzz.

The weather's beautiful, come out and enjoy your neighborhood!

P.S. There's been some recent action on Monroe Center - they have recently demolished a structure connecting the two existing buildings, seen from the rear (pictured above) and the front:

This open space area between the two buildings will eventually be a charming courtyard. All retail will have windows and entrances onto this public area. A piazza of sorts. Let's hope it becomes usable this spring/summer so we can enjoy it sooner rather than later.

They've also built a sexy new luxury condo on the property. It's a bit small, and only has one window, but it's fabulous! Just kidding, it's a ticket booth for the parking lot:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

small print, large opinions

No, you are not reading the above flyer all the way from the moon, nor are you a 95 year old who forgot their glasses. This itty bitty super tiny teensy weensy pretty much unreadable listing (taken directly from the official Hoboken website) is actually a public meeting announcement to invite local citizens and people with strong opinions to come to the next City Council Meeting and discuss the future redevelopment plan for the western edge of Hoboken. Clearly they do not want any of us showing up. Why don't we prove them wrong and show up en mass? Bring your noise groggers and megaphones and confetti and make tell 'em what you want in your neighborhood.

For example, if I was there I'd say - any future retail spaces must be at least twice as large as the ones currently existing in the Upper Grand buildings - because those retail spaces are so small no businesses can actually use them - other than nail salons and dry cleaners. This is a problem that should be corrected on all future developments. Why keep making the same mistake? Have you noticed how many unrented retail spots there are in the Upper Grand buildings? It's because the square footage of the spaces availalbe are TOO SMALL. Kind of the like the flyer above.

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 @ 7pm
94 Washington Street

Unfortunately HH is not in town tomorrow night - so if any diligent and caring NW Hobokeners would like to file an official report with HH on what went down at the meeting, I will publish your report and make you a local honorary junior celebrity. You may not be as popular as Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but you'll feel good about being one of the few who care enough to improve your own community. Please email me by clicking here.

Thanks Eddie, for the tip!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

back to school kegger at monroe center has the scoop on the new 'Liberty Too' sports bar (name not 100% confirmed) coming soon to Monroe Center for the Arts. This new second location of the very popular Liberty Bar on 14th Street will open this September, in the old Shades of Hoboken space. To read the full story, click here!

Ever since Shades closed, we in the NW Hoboken area have been hurting for a good place to unwind. HH was sad when Shades closed, but to be honest it didn't seem like it was going to succeed from the beginning. When I went there the first time there was a fire alarm malfunction and we sat there trying to drink martinis while a ferociously loud fire alarm and strobe lights went off uncontrollably for at least 15 minutes. By the time our entrees were served and the fire department showed up, our ears were bleeding and I couldn't feel my face. At the time I thought to myself, "this can't be a good sign," and my hunch was right. I also never understood why a restaurant called 'SHADES' couldn't take the extra effort and straighten out the blinds hanging in their windows - they were a complete mess going every which way and it drove me crazy. The success of life lies in the details.

Have been saying all along that a more approachable type of comfort food restaurant/bar would be a huge success at Monroe Center - a place that offered decent food and drinks at the friendlier price point. Looks like Liberty Bar owner Dawn Kaplan has made the right move. Cheers and bottoms up! Fall can't come soon enough. Here's to hoping she adds Stella Artois to the draft beer selection!

the arts + sports x alcohol = strange fit / also kind of hot

And about that bar name, 'Liberty West' has a much better ring to it than 'Liberty Too'. You are not The Limited trying to go after children, you are a bar. A bar for men! Manly men! And the women and mo's who love 'em.