Monday, November 19, 2007

exclusive first look: 800 madison & 900 monroe

I've received numerous questions regarding what 800 Madison will look like when complete - and HH is now here to answers your prayers. These two images were captured from marketing materials in a window at one of our local Realtor offices on Washington St. The first is a rendering of 800 Madison (above) which is located on Madison between 8th and 9th streets, and takes up the entire block. It looks as though this Tarragon/Ursa project will be somewhat more modern looking than their previous efforts (1000 Jefferson and numerous other Upper Grand buildings). It will be 6 stories, with corner retail spots. Not sure if those famous 2nd story stoops will be included in this new project. Also no word on whether this is going to be a rental or a condo. Given the current state of the market, my guess is that it's going rental. We'll have to wait and see. 800 Madison is currently under construction.

900 Monroe (below), the first 12 story high rise mixed use condo project in northwest Hoboken will feature condos as well as a restaurant. This new project is located adjacent to 800 Madison, just off the light rail on 9th and Monroe. You are looking at the view up 9th Street towards to Palisades Cliffs and trees. The Liquor Store side of Shopright and the video store is on the right. Work has been done to clear the site, but there's been no word when construction will begin. Look at all that shiny glass!

The quality of the images are obviously poor, my apologies. The renderings were very small to begin with and I had to snap them with my blackberry at night through glass. Also HH had one too many martinis before taking these photos, so please don't shoot the messenger! (Just in case we have a few Hooters girls who may be reading this morning :)

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Anonymous said...

800 madison will be rentals. It was approved as a 20 year PILOT building. I don't think 900 monroe will happen as pictured. They approved that entire block up to the end of the Shoprite parking lot as one big redevelopment zone. The city has yet to approve what will go there. The picture shown is what was approved before the redevlopment zone was approved. BTW Tarragon owns all of it.