Sunday, December 16, 2007

thank god almighty, we're free at last

Yesterday the scaffolding was taken down at the 9th Street light rail stop - which is great news for all us commuters. The back of Metrostop, which is very close to the light rail platform, is pretty much complete with exterior work, save for the first and second floor windows. The last few months has been frustrating, and at times, unnerving. With scaffolding support poles that were installed right in front of the opening light rail doors, it was difficult to get on and off the trains during peak hours. And with reduced lighting and visibility, I know many of us haven't felt safe getting off at 9th Street in the evenings. HH is very happy the scaffolding period lasted only a short time.

When do you think the northern entrance to this light rail stop will officially open??

Also strange yesterday - all trains were all running on the south bound track for some reason. What a juggling act that must have been!

Here's the latest shot of Metrostop for your veiwing pleasure:

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Anonymous said...

What is up with the light rail sounding its fog horn every time it enters the station. The bell I could live with, the horn is ridiculous.