Tuesday, May 6, 2008

take my kids please

There have been rumors floating around, and various inquiries regarding the Monroe Center for the Arts and whether or not a KinderCare Learning Center would be leasing retail space there. Well, HH has on good authority that YES, a KinderCare is indeed moving into our neighborhood this Fall.

I received verbal confirmation several days ago that they would be moving in, and also that it would be a two floor facility, opening sometime in October 2008. After checking KinderCare's website, it is all but certain.

So all of you over-achieving busy bees in double income families with expensive eating habits who occasionally splurge on luxury handbags while also paying large mortgages for new construction condos - COME! ON! DOWN! This Fall, you'll have a place to stash your young ones during the day and after school.

Seriously though this is great news - there are plenty of parents with young ones who would use their services in a heartbeat.

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Anonymous said...

Spoke to Kinder Care the other day and apprantly they are no longer coming to the Monroe Center....