Monday, August 4, 2008

park it here

Tomorrow at 7pm in the ground floor conference room at City Hall (94 Washington Street) there is a very important Planning Board meeting to vote on a new ordinance that essentially creates a new 'Park' category for zoning in Hoboken. If approved, it would pave the way for our City Council to designate the so-called SW6 site along First Street for a future park. A proposed mock-up of said park appears below:

Click here for a larger version that you can zoom in on, courtesy of Hoboken Now.

Now how does this apply to our dear northwest area of Hoboken? Well if this passes, than that same zoning ordinance can and will be applied to our giant abandoned square on 12th and Adams, seen below in a handy little Google map.

So the moral of this story is - if you want a park on 12th and Adams, then you better get your booty over to City Hall tomorrow (Tuesday 8/5) and show your support for for SW6.

This is the only way to voice your opinion. Otherwise a very small group of people will continue to make all the important decisions that directly affect your quality of life. Why not break off a piece of that power for yourself?

What would I ask for? An installation of super tall Redwoods in the shape of the letters 'HH' and of course a giant sculpture of my head that houses a small burger stand and beer hall. You know, for when the weather's nice.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know what the outcome of this meeting was?