Saturday, December 20, 2008

nw hoboken runs on dunkin'

What could wake up Hoboken Hero from his extended slumber? What could push through the paralyzing mire of economic uncertainty? What could possibly get HH to venture out into the wintry landscape all bundled up with eyes half shut?

A brand new neighborhood Dunkin' Donuts! Behold my dear brothers and sisters! We now have a local place for coffee! A place to go when you're too lazy to make your own! A place to get your dependable fix! A place your buddy will drive 200 feet to in his SUV when hungover while you run in in wearing track pants and yesterdays sweater to get an egg and cheese and hash browns! A place to surprise the kids with one of life's little pleasures!

Much to the surprise of local residents, work began a little over a month ago on this tiny little corner shop, nestled inside one of the Upper Grand buildings at the corner of 12th and Adams. It's one of their small footprint locations that doesn't actually cook anything, yet there they are all fresh and hot each morning (all goods get delivered each morning from a local distributor)...

And just my luck they opened this morning. Stopped in and met the two ladies running the place, both of whom had big smiles to welcome me. The windows were fogged, there was snow covering their pink and orange signage, yet the glow of donuts and coffee beckoned. There have been a few delays getting this baby open (shocker!) but they are very excited to be a new addition to our neighborhood. So come on down, introduce yourself, and swipe that credit card for a cup what many say is bar none the best coffee there is.

Oh, and I must point out if you haven't yet tried their new egg white flatbread bfast sandwiches, (only 280 calories) you don't know what your missing!

1200 Grand St
(really the corner of 12th and Adams)
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 217-8778‎


Bob in Jersey said...

Is this Dunkin' serving Vanilla Chai?

Anonymous said...

anyone have an update on:
-Amelias or coffee place at metrostop?
-Liberty too @ Monroe Center
-Movie theater
-stores to open next to movie theatre?

Luke Sidewalker said...

When I first came to Hoboken, I gave my realtor, he was from Empire Realty if I remember correctly, one criteria; get me a place close to a Dunkin Donuts and the fella didn't let me down.