Thursday, May 8, 2008

nyc'ers flocking to the gold coast

Anyone catch Max Gross's huge piece in the New York Post's real estate section on Thursday about Hoboken, and our neighboring towns to the north and south? We should all be beating our chests like King Kong, it's a winner. Our massive Upper Grand redevelopment project was mentioned. Sadly, Metrostop was not.

They need a publicist, stat!

Click here to read the article.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

take my kids please

There have been rumors floating around, and various inquiries regarding the Monroe Center for the Arts and whether or not a KinderCare Learning Center would be leasing retail space there. Well, HH has on good authority that YES, a KinderCare is indeed moving into our neighborhood this Fall.

I received verbal confirmation several days ago that they would be moving in, and also that it would be a two floor facility, opening sometime in October 2008. After checking KinderCare's website, it is all but certain.

So all of you over-achieving busy bees in double income families with expensive eating habits who occasionally splurge on luxury handbags while also paying large mortgages for new construction condos - COME! ON! DOWN! This Fall, you'll have a place to stash your young ones during the day and after school.

Seriously though this is great news - there are plenty of parents with young ones who would use their services in a heartbeat.