Wednesday, October 31, 2007

love me render love me true

Here are some fresh renderings of Metrostop. This first one above, is of the south end, where Amelia's Bistro will be. I have a few questions:

1 Will there really be an access point to the light rail from this area, or will residents have to walk around the block? There are pretty tall permanent black iron fences up along the light rail, which will probably stay put for safety reasons. Will we have another Maxwell Place park fence debacle on our hands come springtime?

2 Are those really grass plants going in along the sitting stairs? I hope so, we at HH are totally obsessed with grass plants.

For the record, I have to say it is awesome to see the developer putting so much effort into creating public common areas on this property. It will go a long way towards creating more of a community feeling back there. Lord knows we need it.

Below are images of the two interior finishes available - shaker and contemporary. I like the contemporary with the dark wood and light counter tops.

Below is a living room rendering looking east towards Manhattan. I'm assuming this is from the top floor perspective? The view is so spectatular you can almost see our new 45K northwest Hoboken redevelopment plan from up there!

Tu che!

In case you've been living on another planet and have not heard of this new 'green' condo building going up in northwest Hoboken, here is the link to their official website:


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