Monday, October 15, 2007

sw6 tonight @ 6pm: a greener, greater hoboken

If it is important to you that we have open park space in Hoboken, then I urge you to attend tonights City Council meeting at the Multi Service Center located at 124 Grand Street in Hoboken. It's open to the public and begins at 6pm.

Tonight you will be treated to such interesting topics such as storm water retention technology, sustainable design, LEED accreditation for new development, and everyone's favorite: The North Hudson Sewerage Authority!

In case you haven't heard of SW6 until just now, it's a comprehensive action plan for southwest Hoboken that including a six acre park, flooding solutions, and other interesting ideas for the future of SW Hoboken.

Click here to download the SW6 official master plan in pdf form.

Or visit for more info.

Although this is normally out of HH's territory, we felt it was important to bring to light. And besides, Hoboken is a total slacker in the green open space department. It would be a shame to miss out on such an interesting opportunity to completely transform a corner of our city into something truly revolutionary.

And even if you're not up for a revolution, wouldn't you at least like the opportunity to try and spot HH in the crowd?

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