Friday, March 7, 2008

finding your quarters in the dark

Two major bits of action at the Monroe Center for the Arts recently. Number one - both buildings received brand new awnings, which are looking very chic and lend an air of consumerism to the area. Above is a pic of the south building's awnings - in burgundy. The northern building, pictured later on in this post - has hunter green awnings. So there is a uniform look, yet a mix of color. Looks good. They need to take some of the shrink wrap off them, but overall, a major aesthetic improvement. Number two, the entire block surrounding the center has just received some shiny new parking meters - which seals the deal on the arrival of our burgeoning new far west retail landscape. Congratulations, we have arrived:

I would like to address a little thorn in my side that I've been thinking about. I've been living in the northwest area for over a year now, and as I've watched all of these large scale developments take shape, which has been so exciting - it is upsetting to see that there are several blocks in my neighborhood that are still without street lights, even though construction has been finished for months if not years. Yet the second the cement dries at Monroe Center, in go parking meters, to help fill up the city coffers. What about the hook ups for new lamp posts? They are STILL EMPTY. Why are we still in the dark?

And another point - why do such a crap job with the cement? Did you put these in during our St. Patty's Day parade after a few sixers of Pabts?

I know it's Friday afternoon and we're about to be hit with a major nor'easter so I may be little bit off today, but I think I have a right to be cranky. Why such a crazy delay in getting in new street lights? Bringing in new revenue for our city is clearly more important than the safety of Hoboken citizens. At least that is the message they are sending.

If only they doubled as espresso makers. Or gumball machines. Then we'd be talkin'...

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