Sunday, April 13, 2008

free fun at monroe center today

The Monroe Center for the Arts today is throwing open its doors for some creative inspiration. Beginning at 12 noon today - there will be all kinds of free things to check out, including dance performances, local studio tours of artists, a live music workshop and a reading by the Mile Square Theater. Click here for more info. Also the Shades bar will be open for the day to nourish and give you a buzz.

The weather's beautiful, come out and enjoy your neighborhood!

P.S. There's been some recent action on Monroe Center - they have recently demolished a structure connecting the two existing buildings, seen from the rear (pictured above) and the front:

This open space area between the two buildings will eventually be a charming courtyard. All retail will have windows and entrances onto this public area. A piazza of sorts. Let's hope it becomes usable this spring/summer so we can enjoy it sooner rather than later.

They've also built a sexy new luxury condo on the property. It's a bit small, and only has one window, but it's fabulous! Just kidding, it's a ticket booth for the parking lot:

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