Thursday, February 21, 2008

absolute power corrupts absolutely

Once again there's some shady business going on in Hoboken. And when local officials are hesitant in being honest, it usually means they are hiding something.

Click the link below to read an article in today's Star Ledger outlining the current battle between Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason, and our City Counsel, over full access and disclosure of public documentation that our local government is apparently refusing to hand over, even though they are required to do so. These documents have to do with developer agreements, conditions, and promises, tied to tax abatements and other redevelopment activities. Additional paperwork on our police department and other financial documents were requested. These records, and the overall argument at hand, affects every single person living in our neighborhood, and the future of northwestern redevelopment.

Case in point: Tarragon recently disclosing they were never obligated to build a community center and town pool, even though they had a sweetheart construction deal with the city to redevelop large swathes of the northwest portion of our neighborhood, a job that was tied to the center / pool / obligation. These were two items, along with our movie theater, that were highly publicized deals by both the developer, and our photo-op-loving Mayor David Roberts.

The only way to change the sad state of affairs of our local government is for us, the ordinary citizens, to get involved. Talk, email, write, and be vocal with those that make the decisions. This town is full of people who love to share their opinions on just about anything, but unless your words turn into action, nothing gets improved. HH may not agree with everything Beth Mason does, but we sure stand behind her fight for full disclosure, and for making sure our government works FOR US, not behind our back while simultaneously sucking our wallets dry.

The Star Ledger: Jersey court to decide how open public records are

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