Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a gift from the construction fairy

Before I went to sleep last night I put under my pillow, a brick stolen from 800 Madison - the latest Upper Grand development, some concrete shavings from Metrostop, a dash of rain water from our last flooding debacle (chased with whiskey, of course), lit a yartzeit candle purchased from Shoprite, and prayed hard for a bountiful gift from the ether. When I awoke this morning, alas! my! prayers! were! answered!! The almighty construction fairy came to visit us last night and pounded into the ground a giant 20 foot sign announcing the pending arrival of some brand spanking new luxury residences. Ladies and gentleman, I give to you Upper Grand's latest arrival, coming soon to the corner of 9th and Monroe Streets:

The west facing facade (the rendering on the right) is mostly townhouses with the large 13 story tower on the right. The left hand rendering is of the south facade, which will be a full 13 story tower along the entire block of 9th Street between Jackson and Monroe Streets. The low level townhouses styles portions will run along Monroe Street, just behind Shoprite, and along the back portion next to the light rail tracks, which will become part of the new Western Edge Greenway.

The height of the tower is two floors higher than what currently stands at Metrostop. While some might frown at the height of this new project (especially those above the heights whose views of Manhattan will be blocked), HH welcomes the new development. Yet another project breathing new life into Northwestern Hoboken! And more people means greater chance of meaningful new retail for our neighborhood.

Not sure if this is going to be rental or condo (plans may be up in the air considering the state of the market), but from what I wrote about last April it is all but confirmed there will be nearly 8000 square feet of new retail space, as well as new cafe! BOW TO OUR GLORIOUS HIGH AND MIGHTY DEVELOPER OVERLORDS! They are bestowing upon us a gift from the heavens.

* I guess my original wish for a giant chocolate roller coaster and/or new parkland isn't really coming to fruition, but I'm still not giving up hope...

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