Tuesday, February 5, 2008

follow the yellow brick road

If you live in the 3rd ward like HH - your voting place is inside Columbus Gardens. It's absurdly hard to find - so just in case you need a little help today, I've posted some visual aids. Below, the view of Columbus Gardens from Jefferson Street between 8th and 9th Streets:

Just walk up the path, then hang a left, then it's down through a basement entrance past the American flag, through a corridor and into a little room with tons of water pipes running along the ceiling and bad lighting. There are a bunch of pleasant women helping voters sign in and cast their ballot. My favorite was the one pushing everyones tickets through a pinhead, and onto a piece of string tied to the voting booth. Low tech, of course, but gets the job done when you need a place to keep everyones receipt.

If you still need clarification - the voting location entrance is directly across the street from The Nail Bar Salon:

I'm sure if our voting place offered a 10% discount for mani/pedi's at The Nail Bar, there would be an instant stampede to cast votes this afternoon. Ahhhh the democratic process!

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