Thursday, July 26, 2007


The mystery has been revealed! After months of wondering who is living in this future goldmine, sandwiched between two major redevelopments, I have finally snapped the money shot! She's the proud owner of this lovely ranch style corner lot home that is just begging to be retired to real estate heaven. If I was her, I'd SELL - she would get a FORTUNE for her property. She does take great care of her home though, it's clean and well kept, and the yard is always perfect. She just keeps the blinds shut all the time, and the empty yard attached to the left of her home is now full of tall growing wild flowers:

She's also put up various signs to show other NW Hobokenites that she is a warm and friendly neighbor. You know - signs that scream "Hey you, come on over for a glass of iced tea, let's hang out on the porch and get to know each other!" Here's one example:

Ladies and Gents, I give to you, the big reveal. Drum roll please.............

* Her identity will remain a closely guarded secret, kept hidden behind the infamous magenta face dot.

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Anonymous said...

you crack me funny, i have never seen that woman before!