Tuesday, April 24, 2007

introducing 900 monroe street, hoboken, nj

A little digging has uncovered a press release, put on the wire a few days ago that explains exactly what is being built on Monroe and 9th Street, where the current warehouse is being torn down this week.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you- northwest Hoboken's first 12 story high-rise building. Highligts of the press release, which you can read by clicking here, include:

- It's going to be a 12 stories
- 112 units
- Building will begin in June of 2007
- One, two, and three-bedroom units
- Ten two-bedroom duplex units
- New York skyline and Hudson River views
- 7,600 square feet of retail space
- Outdoor cafe

It should also be noted that Tarragon, the developer, will be dedicating 1/3 of an acre of the property as a public park. And while 1/3 of an acre sounds like absolutely nothing when it comes to park land, hey at least it's something!

I have a few questions about this news:

1. Will the top of this building reach above the Palisades cliffs behind it, ruining the view of Jersey City Heights residents?

2. Will this new building create shadows and minimalize sunlight exposure in the afternoons?

3. Please dear God will the developer repave Monroe Street behind Shoprite? People lose their wheels driving over those pot holes and speed bumps!

4. Will the cafe have a liquor license? :)

Click here to visit Tarragon's website, where you can see all of the other properties they have built throughout the country.

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