Monday, August 20, 2007

900 monroes and 1 lonely sneaker

Work was finished so fast at the 900 Monroe demo site, people were even forgetting their footwear as they were leaving. Sad, lonely sneaker:

It seems as though this site has now turned into a temporary parking lot and staging area, for the ongoing work at 800 Madison, which is across the street:

Wonder how long they will use this land as a parking lot, and when they will begin construction on the planned 12 story luxury condo? Bets, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Too bad the Hoboken politicians sold out the people again and what should have been a park is going to be a 12 storry high rise.

I guess the developer pays better than the people do.

chip said...

Two things about those stoops....

1. They beg bums/vagrants/high school kids to loiter on your private property.

2. They are bizarre "walk up" additions to an elevator building. A stoop can be 3 or 4 or 5 steps. That is a flight of stairs. Looks stupid to me.