Wednesday, August 1, 2007

princeton stained glass - production studio and showroom

Directly across the street from our beloved Shoprite, is the qaint corner lot home of the Princeton Stained Glass Co. Has anyone had work done by them in NW Hoboken? If so please let me know. From what is posted on their website, it looks like their artisans are very talented in both residential and commercial work. HH would love to take a tour of their facility sometime.

Princeton Stained Glass
931 Madison Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

In case you can't find their studio, just keep a look out for the understated street numbers that are hung on the green fence attached to their building:

Here's a peak of their backyard. Looks like a nice relaxing space:

Here's the side view, which borders the south end of 1000 Jefferson. A strange dichotomy of buildings, but interesting nonetheless:

Upon further inspection, you can see the faint remnants of the old Renegage Theater, which must have closed sometime before 2002, when Princeton Stained Glass moved into the space. In doing a little digging to uncover the history of the Renegade Theater, I discovered that its founder, Mary Carpenter, passed away late last year. Here' a shot of the old stage door:

Here's a little info on the founder of Renegage, which was taken from Skidmore College's website. Renegade must have been quite a place!

"Mary “Betsy” Carpenter ’77 of Nahant, MA, died December 11 after a long illness. A classical-studies major, she was an assistant director and actress with playwright David Mamet and became an artistic director and literary manager for Chicago’s Goodman Theatre. She founded and guided the Renegade Theater in Hoboken, NJ, for which she won the Governor Award for Artistic Excellence in 1984. A faculty member in the graduate playwriting and literature programs at Emerson College in Boston for 15 years, she was also a fiber artist and a Web master for Harvard University. The Betsy Carpenter Playwriting Award has been established at Emerson College in her honor. She is survived by husband David Sparr, her mother, a sister, and a brother."

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