Thursday, August 9, 2007

metrostop is all grown up

Ahhhhh, she's well on her way. All that's left is the roof topping, and Metrostop is all set to begin the next phase of development. The part that gives it character. We are very excited by the recent progress. The anticipation must be torture for all you Metrostoppers out there.

They've recently installed an external elevator to help get materials up and down at a quicker pace. You know if I were Starbucks, I would open a pop-up store on the sidewalk that serves morning coffee to all the construction workers, as well as us hard working commuters. That way you would get a hands on look at the expected traffic patterns of coffee drinkers, and you'd also make us very happy (and full of energy) !

And the window framing has begun! Pipes are also being installed, and cinder blocking continues:

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