Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the landscaping excellence award goes to...

The August 2007 Ladscaping Excellence Award recipient goes to 1201 Adams. We are currently obsessed with their landscaping and upkeep. They take such great care of their property, and the bushes and flowers always look healthy and groomed. Check 'em out:

It really makes a difference in your mood when you can walk up to your home and stare at such beauty. Don't you think? The people that live their must feel good coming and going each day. I'd rather look at healthy manicured grounds than weeds and dead shrubbery and garbage. 1201 Adams does a great job. Bravo!

Some low ground coverage with shocks of bright pink and red:

I'm not sure if the 'no pets' sign is really necessary, but hey stick with what works, right?


P said...

Check out the older looking factory building on Jefferson between 8th and 9th in addition to the building on the corner of 8th and Jefferson. Both have a good display.

Hoboken Hero said...

Will do. Thanks for the tip!