Monday, July 30, 2007

learn how to laugh on a monday

You know the feeling when you're totally laughing uncontrollably, and you're worried you're either going to stop breathing, or that you'll start crying hysterically if you continue? Well that's what you'll most likely experience if you're smart enough to make it to the Gold Hawk tonight for the Hoboken Comedy Experiment, presented by Adam Wade and Chris Deluca.

The show is FREE and is chock full of awesomely funny people, like Christian Finnegan from VH1's Best Week Ever, and a few other comics and writers from Comedy Central, and Fox's Talk Show with Spike Ferensten.

*Hurry and catch Christian before he disappears into thin air!

Hoboken Comedy Experiment
@the Gold Hawk
10th btwn Park & Willow
Monday July 30
8:30 PM

Comics performing tonight include Christian Finnegan, Todd Levin, Bob Powers, Amanda Melson, Andres du Bouchet, Peter Kassnove and Hoboken's own Adam Wade, and will be hosted by Chris DeLuca.

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