Tuesday, May 8, 2007

blowin' in the wind

9th Street enjoyed quite a bit of action this past weekend. So much so, I could barely take pictures of the demo progress. The wind was so strong, it was blowing so much dust into the air that I couldn't keep my eyes open. God only knows what that warehouse was built with, and I'm pretty sure I didn't want to breathe in all of those years of history. Enjoy the dusty pics, though:

CMC (Charlie Small Chompers) had his hands full cleaning up the debris in the streets and making sure things were running smoothly:

By the end of the weekend, there wasn't a wall standing along 9th Street. Exhausting!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hoboken Hero!

I wanted to tell you that I love your website. My daughter and son-in-law live in Field's Crossing. I was visiting them a couple of weekends ago when the demolishion had just begun. I was so happy that you continue to take pictures of it so I can see the progress!!

thank you so much! We all just love to see the pictures you share of the whole town. thanks again. Nancy (I live in Naples, Florida)

Hoboken Hero said...

Hi Nancy,

So happy to hear that you like the site. Much more to come in the future!