Saturday, May 12, 2007

a strong foundation yields a happy life

800 Madison has been making progress, and the beginnings of a foundation is taking shape. Very exciting! Here's hoping the weather stays nice so we don't have another football field size lake on our hands:

When not laying the foundation and pounding steel girders into the ground, the guys pass their days playing Gigantor Rubber Tire Horse Shoes. Fun!

"What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs
Rolls over your neighbor's dog?
What's great for a snack and fits on your back?
It's Log, Log, Log!

It's Log, Log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood.
It's Log, Log, it's better than bad, it's good!
Everyone wants a log! You're gonna love it, Log!
Come on and get your log! Everyone needs a Log!"

Why on earth would they need one of these? As an ottoman? A comfy seat while eating lunch? A base for chopping wood on? We will never know:

Road block? Or giant orange cassette tape? You decide:

That's all for now!

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