Wednesday, May 23, 2007

don't walk on the grass, your feet might disintegrate

There is a huge empty lot on the corner of 8th and Adams. It seems to have been empty for quite a long time, and has a healthy amount of grass coverage going on. It's in a super prime location for new development, and I'm wondering what the hold up is. Does anyone have information on this piece of land?

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There's also a ton of very scary signage tagged to the chain link fence surrounding this property, some of which is pictured below:

Would love to know what type of remedial action activities are actually happening here? What is this land contaminated with? Many plots of land are cleaned up and reused throughout this country, sites that were once areas of industrial activities. It is a common occurence.

For some reason, printing "Thank You" in cursive just makes the rules so much sweeter to follow. Just like using automated female voices to give direction and instructions on New York subways makes riding all the more pleasurable!

All I can say is, if you see some neighborhood pets walking around with three heads,'s probably the reason why....

Thank You, and have a killer day!

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Anonymous said...

It used to be a site where GE made mercury switches for thermostats. It was closed and the land was cleaned up by the EPA. The city tried to buy it and put a consolidated Police and Fire Dept. HQ, but they were out bid by a developer. They are building senior housing I think.