Wednesday, May 2, 2007

compulsive stray cat feeders

Allow me to introduce you to these two lovely ladies. As long time locals of the hood, they've stood by during the recent and ongoing transformation of their once quiet Hoboken neighborhood. Both, I'm sure, are confident, determined women with iron constitutions, and strong religious convictions. Daily rituals include walking back and forth to the local Shoprite supermarket, wearing sassy outfits to excite the local construction workers, swigging back a case or two (each) of ice cold Coors Light tall boys, and wasting their social security checks feeding stray cats along Jackson Street.

How did this unique relationship begin? We will never know. I don't quite understand the need to feed stray cats. The world is their oyster! They don't need us for sustenance! Stray cats are intelligent animals that can take care of themselves. Ladies, if I may- please stop spending your savings on cat food. Wouldn't that money be much more useful if you put it towards buying some chic new handkerchiefs to help protect your hair when it rains?

I share in my grandfathers assessment of stray cats: "Speed bumps, all of 'em." Well, that's what he used to say, until one showed up on his doorstep. It wasn't long before he turned to the dark side and began feeding the little guy. Six months later and that allergy ticking time bomb had taken my place as the new favorite grandchild. I'm currently working my way back up to #1 status. It's been tough, but I'm determined.

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Anonymous said...

stray cats... and pigeons... and mice... and rats...

hey ladies, maybe you could just leave the food out in your living room, so the vermin can live with you instead of near me? thanks!