Sunday, May 6, 2007

everyone, meet hooper and happy honker

Across the street from Metrostop, and just south of Fields Crossing, two new membrs of our community have settled in. It was a long trip down from the country better known as the homeland of Pamela Anderson (floaties), Alanis Morissette (yodeler), Nelly Furtado (maneater), and Keanu Reeves (whoa). Our new neighbors seemed to have moved in for the long hall. And apparently they are trust fund babes because they never leave during the day (or at night for that matter). What a life!

Interestingly, when learning more about Canadian Geese, I've discovered that there is a new type of geese that are non-migratory, and settle in permanently in densley populated areas such as golf courses, parking lots, and urban parks. They adapted to these new conditions and are more frequently becoming known as 'pests'. Well, other than the fact that they spend all their time honking and waddling around, they don't seem to bother anyone.

Click here for the Wikipedia entry on Canadian Geese. Knowledge is power, my friends.

Hooper enjoys long walks around the the construction site of 800 Monroe, and Happy just tends to chill in the pond, relaxing in the sunshine. If you walk by, you'll definitely hear their singing skills, honking for everyone to hear.

I heard they paid too much for their condo, but you know what they say about Canadian Geese- they have terrible negotiating skills.


Anonymous said...

What do you look like?

Hoboken Hero said...

Pretty much just like every other hero out there. Shock of hair, two eyes, nice smile, and about 5' 11" when I'm feeling confident.