Friday, May 4, 2007

metrostop gets the shaft

This is a cool piece of machinery. Huge tires, tons of power. Just waiting for the day that thing slips and crushes through the windshield of an innocent car parked nearby. They shouldn't let ordinary people park their cars on Jackson Street right now!

Below is a pic of a few pallets of wood that are being used. Vallee is stamped in red. I'm currently doing a little research on this company, Paul Vallee Lumber Co. out of Milan (fancy!) New Hampshire (not so fancy!). I wonder if their lumber comes from sustainable forests, but it is somewhat unclear. I did find their company bundled in a report about the Mahoosuc Land Trust, and that particular area where it seems they may get their wood from. The Mahoosuc Land Trust, Inc. is a private non profit land conservation organization serving the communities surrounding the Mahoosuc Mountains in Western Maine. The area of operation includes the towns of Albany, Andover, Bethel, Greenwood, Mason Township, Milton Plantation, Newry, Rumford, Upton and Woodstock, Maine. Click here for a Mahoosuc Regional Report.

Here's a shot from the light rail. Floor two is pretty much complete!

Timing is everything in life. We were able to capture what looks like pieces of an elevator shaft being loaded onto floor two. Very cool:

Also uncovered this truly unfortunate and completely disturbing piece of news from 2003. Darn sprockets!

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