Thursday, May 31, 2007

the greenification of...

Anyone have any idea where this mystery spot is?

Is there a new garden supply business in town? Hardly! I'll give you one more chance to guess before spilling the beans. One little hint - it's a holding area for thousands of healthy new vegetation being planted somewhere in northwest Hoboken. Any plants left over after installation are scheduled to be auctioned off to the highest bidder :)

Ok, you give up? You don't really like these games, do you. Ok let's get to it then! It's the greenification of VELOCITY HOBOKEN! It seems that REMI is beefing up the beauty of this new lux condo development, and cramming in thousands of plants, flowers, and trees to get ready for the pending condo auction. The below pics are of the inside courtyard, which is an entire block long and TOTALLY RAD:

Unfortunately, us cheapskates who try not to pay for wifi access by mooching off lazy people who do not protect their accounts with passwords....well...we'll be out of luck. We won't be able to sit peacefully in the outdoor Hoboken oasis's private and LOCKED by a not so charming iron clad swing door. Guess that's what they mean by 360 degrees of security:

Here are some pics of the facade on Jackson Street, as well as the side street closest to the light rail. I think the landscaping looks great. My partner, on the other hand, thinks they planted everything too close together, and is convinced they are all going to suffocate and die. Apparently he has 15 years of landscaping experience working as a teenager on his property. I was just a lawn mower guy, so what do I know! We'll see what happens:

And as always, I've photographed the nifty toys that the landscaping team has been messing around with. Everyone, meet Bobby Blue, Beverly Back Hoe, and Yolonda Yellow. After a hard days work, they enjoy hanging out in the plant and flower holding pen watching new episodes of So You Think You Can Dance, practicing choreography, and drinking Pepsi Jazz!

And lastly, they've also planted trees along the perimeter of the developement, lining the sidewalk. Charming, indeed!


Anonymous said...

Hi HH!

How are you doing?

Love all the pictures and Hoboken progress - as usual!


Nancy (in Naples)

Piyush said...

hey hoboken hero - you'll have a new neighbor soon - i'm moving into velocity late next week!