Monday, April 30, 2007

looking down upon metrostop, from the heavens

Snapped some somewhat distant pics of the Metrostop construction, for all of you who have bought into the new luxury "green" condo, and are eagerly anticipating its completion. Honestly, between you and me, it feels as though progress is happening at a snails pace. In New York this building would have been designed/ approved/ financed/ built/ spit-shined/ bought and sold/ moved in/ moved out/ subleased/ burned down/ built again/ all short of rolling down Broadway on a glittering float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, in a span of about 2 hours, no less.

The series of pics below is a scan from left to right (basically north to south) showing what's been accomplished thus far. The concrete filling of floor two is about to be poured. Also the big tower you see in most of the pictures is the 9th Street light rail elevator, which I took up to be able to take these pics. Enjoy:

The view from Jackson Street, looking north:

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