Tuesday, July 24, 2007

1000 jefferson - european style swim trunks included

Love the dude in his tight swim trunks. But something tells me the typical Hoboken man who's moving into these luxury rentals will be wearing something more along the lines of long and baggy board shorts. Just a hunch.

Here's a shot of the 1000 Jefferson sales office:

Here's one of the corners - beautiful brick and cement work:

Not too sure if I like the bathroom finishes. Green really isn't my color:

Are these going to be picture windows or french sliding doors with juliet balconies? :

How cool is this thing?

Reminds me of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile:

Here's a shot of someone working on the cement:

Rental office info is below. They are currently offering:

1 bedrooms from $1900 a month
2 bedrooms from $2750 a month
3 bedrooms from $4000 a month

Pretty sweet deal considering there are no other pools in the neighborhood...

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