Wednesday, July 11, 2007

800 monroe is blazin'

Drum roll please everyone.............800 Monroe, NW Hoboken's most fabulous plot of despair, is seeing some major activity this week! In addition to the freshly printed signs taped to the chain link fence with painter's tape (see pic above), there's been a crazy amount of bulldozing and moving of land. You can see all the carnage here:

What? You don't see what I'm talking about?? You've got to be kidding me! It's practically TEEMING with construction workers, contractors, land assessors, tax collectors, you name it. Let's take a closer look:

Ahhhhhhhhhh........there he is. Little Chevy Super Scooper. He is all mighty and powerful. He is a god among men. He is...........a Chevy Blazer:

.........with a plow attached to the front:

Interesting, I know. But please let's continue. Super Scooper has a whole cast of characters that have pitched in to help support him in his Herculean effort to build a 13 story high rise mixed use development all by himself. First we have.................Harold the Hyundai Hub Cap:

Harold is in charge of rusting and gathering still water for passing birds.

Then we have Tina Traffic Cone. She talks VERY loud and everyone rolls there eyes when she goes on an on about on-site safety procedures. She's sort of a know it all:

Next up is Michael Mystery Container. We're not quite sure what Michael does. Is he hydraulic fluid? Oil? Waste Water? Pirates Booty? :

And lastly there's the man in charge of keeping up the team's energy. No knick name necessary. It's Captain Hawaiian Punch. Full sugar edition:

Also it should be noted, all kidding aside, that someone has trimmed the weeds, trees, flowers, and wild shrubbery that has lined the perimeter fence. You can see their hard work here:

And here:

Must be quite an industrial strength weed wacker to get through all that litter. Picking the hottest week of the year to start the yard work - is that the smartest decision??


Anonymous said...

Hoboken hotness - when do you have time to do all of this?

Hoboken Hero said...

Dear Anonymous,

The world is full of unexplained mysteries - that's what makes life interesting.


Anonymous said...

Anybody know what is going on with this site...all kidding aside?