Sunday, July 15, 2007

sifting for gold

Above, a picture of the ancient sidewalk along 900 Monroe Street, where the demo is ongoing. Below, you can see someone doing a bit of soldering work on the bordering wall of the warehouse next door. It seems the warehouse is still in use at the moment.

It's looking a bit like Mars, doesn't it? Minus the trees and blue sky, of course:

Is he fixing a hole?

They've also changed out the end of this machine, which now has one of those awesome round electric magnet things:

If you happen to be wearing a suit made of paper clips, don't walk past this machine. It could get ugly.

Also there's been a new arrival. Everyone, meet Steven the Super Sifter. I wish he could separate the giant pile of change I keep for absolutely no reason.

He's very efficient in making big piles of dirt using his handy conveyor belt:

The view looking south...

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