Monday, July 9, 2007

monroe center 30 second update

Dear Shades of Hoboken, please transform this underused, perfectly suitable outdoor area that is literally attached to your delicious restaurant, into an outdoor oasis of comfortable seating, blue sky conversations, shrimp cocktails, lobster croquettes, and chilled ice buckets full of crisp white wine. We beg you. The neighborhood is begging you.

Rubee's Closet has posted her store hours, to let us know when she's open for business. For those of you that are not familiar, Rubee's is a women's boutique, set up casually like a woman's closet, and not formally merchandised. It's stocked in a whimsicle manner, full of approachably priced clothing, accessories, jewelry, and hats.

I'm no retail genius. But between you and me, doesn't her store hours seem slightly, oh.....I don't know.....uh......mmmmm.....somewhat limited? :

And in the middle of the complex, between the two buildings that are joined together by a recessed overpass, they have installed huge ground floor windows:

The eventual retail stores that occupy these huge windowed spaces are going to benefit big time. They make quite an impression to passing foot traffic. Job well done!

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