Tuesday, July 17, 2007

metrostop: where green living meets an empty sales office

Yesterday was the grand opening of the new metrostop sales office on Washington Street. I strolled in during the late afternoon happy hour to check things out. The woman that greeted me at the door was very pleasant and courteous. And the place looks beautiful. However, upon further inspection, it became evident that she was completely alone! Not a single sales person was there. You'd think that on such an important day as the official opening of their chic new sales office, especially at a time when everyone's pouring back into Hoboken after a hard days work, there'd be sales people in there to help answer people's questions?!

Maybe you'll have better luck? Rumor is they're open til 10pm each night.

UPDATE! A kind soul has just informed HH that the sales team is available from 11am - 6pm each day, and the office has general hours of operation from 7am - 10pm. Go check it out, it's worth the trip!

Sales Office:
93 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
phone 201-610-0700
fax 201-610-0701


Anonymous said...

There was no water in Hoboken and the sales team went out to purchase water so they would have a functioning bathroom for potential customers. The sales team is available from 11am- 6pm and the office is open from 7am- 10pm. Feel free to stop by again.

Anonymous said...

Why you diss'n Metrostop? This post is definately a deviation from your generally positive tone with respect to Northwest Hoboken. What's your beef with Metro Homes?

Anonymous said...

Metrostop is the next best place to buy in Hoboken. Superior construction, convinience, everything. Definately worth a trip to the sales office.

Hoboken Hero said...

I was just very surprised there was no one there to answer my questions. No beef with Metro Homes, promise. In fact, I don't even eat red meat!


Anonymous said...

With that witty sense of humor, who couldn't believe you HH.