Friday, July 13, 2007

velocity hoboken: outbid by mother nature

Velocity Hoboken may be struggling to fill itself with humans, but mother nature has wasted no time moving in, quickly filling the void. The courtyard and perimeter grounds are now lush with flowers and greenery. Here's a shot of the courtyard, which is filling in nicely. The landscaper really jam packed it full of plants and flowers. Imagine what it will look like in a few years if kept up properly? Definitely something to look forward to:

A quick walk around the block yielded a ton of snazzy shots - especially this next set, where I had a surprising encounter with a few feathered friends. Clearly they were Manhattanites, who flew across the Hudson River to check out the open house for the afternoon. They were so unfazed by my presence, I was literally five inches from them, and they didn't seem to care. In fact, I think one of them smiled when I took their picture:

Here are a few more shots of flowers most of which were taken from 7th Street, and also a bit on Jackson Street:

If you or someone you know recently moved into Velocity Hoboken, please drop me an email or post a comment about your experience thus far. We'd all love to hear how things are going...

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I recently moved into Velocity and my experience has been great so far. I overlook the courtyard and it is really beautiful. It is a very unique atmosphere in this town.

Anonymous said...

How is the view of the projects? Breathtaking?