Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the 1000 jefferson staircases are awesome

1000 Jefferson - the mega full block condo project is still being polished. Half of the brick work is finished, and the concrete private staircase entrances are still being built. I love these new staircases. Very well done. I also love the stone work that makes up the first few floors - a great touch. Can't wait to see the whole project completed.

Here are two pics of the craftsmen who build the starcase entrances:

Mr Window Chiller - Outer:

Interesting equipment. And what's with all the sand? :

Major tractor / shoprite 18 wheeler traffic jam:

And here's a neighborhood public service announcement:

Strange there's no mention of why the man nor his dog don't have any feet? I would be concerned...


chip said...

The 2 year old building right across from shoprite (the store, not the parking lot) on Madison has stairs like these... Looks like 1.5 to 2 flights to get you in what? They common hallway? Your apartment if you happen to live on that floor only? I find them a bit confusing, because these are not townhouses afterall and what's worse, they seem to me to add an element of "walk up" to your brand new elevator luxury building, do they not? Its not like its 3 or 4 steps on a stoop in the frontyard- its at least a full flight to what, get in the front door and then take the elevator? I find them random.

Hoboken Hero said...

Point taken. But I think those are private entrances, not common ones.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Anonymous said...

They are private...saw a couple of condos at their sister project, 1100 adams, with the same design. Velocity has the same thing. They aren't very functional, as it eats in to valubale floor spcae, but it does visually break up the building and gives the block a more town house feel.

chip said...

Makes more sense that they go right to your apartment if you live on the second floor- I don't know I just think they look too high and steep so i think the townhouse illusion is fleeting. It seems like a cheap trick too.

But I do like the stone work you speak of, it looks great.