Wednesday, June 27, 2007

everything has its place

Well, it looks as though the printing warehouse on the corner of 9th and Monroe, also known as 900 Monroe, has officially gone to factory heaven. Below are two shots looking north and northwest, in which you can see a neighboring building that was left intact. Yesterday I walked by and the receiving doors were wide open, revealing what looked like a thriving business with shrink wrapped goods lying around. My first thought was that this entire three block stretch of warehouses would be torn down at once, but it seems it will be done in stages:

Triple digger action!

With a little coaxing, I got Eddy Excavator to pose for my lense. Normally he's shy but today, emboldened:

The guys have been hard at work separating the raw materials into piles - one for steel, one for large concrete pieces, and one for dirt. This sense of organization really excites my partner. When he walks by he can't help by feel a sense of pride that someone else shares his OCD level of organizational skills:

Me? It just makes me want to play dominos:

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