Monday, June 11, 2007

time to run through the sprinkler

The beginning of the week at the 900 Monroe demo site was all about sprinkler time to cool off from the warm weather. Wasn't it in the 90's? There was also a little cherry picker action, see below:

While looking at the debris not yet carted away, I noticed a few pieces that looked like giant honeycomb cereal. Can you spot it?

A closer look reveals we're going to need more milk:

You know what they say about dudes with huge boots - less risk of tripping on gravel:

Pre - Chad:

Post - Chad:

By the end of the week the last brick had been pulled down, and now all that's left is the clearing of the rest of all this rubble:

Also, if anyone wants a free couch, or a black BMW X5, both are sitting on the corner of 9th and Monroe, waiting to go home with you. Gosh this neighborhood is full of generous people!

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