Friday, June 15, 2007

an open letter to hh readers

My coverage of the Velocity Hoboken auction has elicited some very interesting responses as of late, with many passionate readers expressing their individual views on the subject. HH has received tons of comments and emails regarding this topic, and there's been quite a bit of attention from the broader on-line community, especially in the real estate community. My posts on Velocity Hoboken have been discussed, linked to, and written about on some particularly high-profile and locally prominent web-sites and message boards.

In terms of my generally favorable coverage of Velocity Hoboken, certain anonymous readers who have commented seem to think I may have financial ties to REMI the developer, but that could not be farther from the truth. For those who have been following my posts for months now, it is clear that I enjoy writing about all sorts of things in NW Hoboken, and I'm not tied down to just one subject or project. As I said from the beginning, I am just a new resident trying to highlight all of the exciting things going on in my new neighborhood.

Of course I am hoping the Velocity auction turns into a win-win for everyone - the developer, the buyers, and the surrounding residential and business community. I'm sure if you ask anyone living in NW Hoboken, they feel the same as I do. Why would we want such a prominent development in our emerging neighborhood to fail?

Although I was disappointed to read some people's thoughts as to what my motivations might have been for writing about Velocity, I still appreciate it very much that my readership continues to grow each day. Thank you for continuing to check out Hoboken Hero - I'm having a lot of fun writing and taking pictures. My partner and I continue to feel that moving to Hoboken from Manhattan has been a wonderful decision. General mental notes include, but are not limited to:

"God I can't believe how much space we have!"
"My kitchen countertop is not just the top of my stove anymore :)"
"Is this really our place?!"
"It's sunny in the apartment!"
"Man that was a great night's sleep - no sirens!"
"Are those stars up there? I forgot what they looked like."
"Who knew Saturday morning coffee time could feel so good?"
"I'm smiling on my way to work right now, how did this happen??"

I made a decision long ago to put a bit of extra energy towards pointing out the positive things in life, and the positive contributions people make each day - both large and small. Personally, I've always felt it's so easy for people to criticize, make fun of, and point out the shortcomings of life, and how it is generally much harder to say something nice to those who deserve it. I enjoy writing about what I like, what makes me feel good, and what I think other people might want to hear about. Hoboken Hero is a place of general positivity, with a slight sense of humor, a little tongue in the cheek, and a definitive point of view.

I'm looking forward to our continued exchange. You may agree, or you may disagree. However you may feel, please continue to let me know. Fingers crossed for a thunderstorm-free weekend.



chip said...

I for one love the site. Thanks for your efforts. There sure are a lot of people in this town who root against their own interests in that for some perverse reason they think its good for them that a building like Velocity fails. Hard to explain why this sentiment is so prevalant in this town. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

keep up the good the sight

Anonymous said...

I love your site--this is coming from the daughter of Nancy, from Naples, Florida. I am so happy that there is someone that made a website about this area of Hoboken. Three years ago I lived near here on 11th and Grand and I loved it then. Hoboken just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I love your website, too, HH! I check at least every other day for something new. I love the pictures and always get a laugh, too. I appreciate the time you spend putting all of this together....and this is coming directly from Nancy in Naples, Florida!

Anonymous said...

That's intersting because I created a new google account and the first emails were from visiting Velocity and then one from you plugging this site and the auction. How'd you get my email addy?

Hoboken Hero said...

Mr. Anonymous - nice try, but take your lies elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

HH is so hot!

Ian said...

I believe that the unscrupulous connection a certain real estate message board has to developers and real estate agents has fostered an atmosphere of unfair skepticism about the legitimacy of other websites. Its unfortunate that one bad seed has poisoned the reputations of so many.

Furthermore, because many residents in Hoboken and the JC Waterfront fear change and have been vocal opponents of revitalization, gentrification and new development, the immediate assumption these people make is that anyone who does not share their views of preservation must be on the payrolls of developers.

I certainly cannot speak to the legitimacy of any website other than my own, but it certainly seems to me at least that Hoboken Hero is largely the product of a citizen who simply is interested in his community, and who believes in the forces of positive change. Simply because someone is not advocating the preservation of abandoned industrial relics does not automatically mean they must be a shill of developers and brokers.