Monday, June 11, 2007

review: the cup joint and their stuffed pretzel bread

I finally made it over to The Cup Joint (732 Jefferson Street, @ 8th Street) for the proper greasy spoon experience - not sure exactly why it took me two months to walk just a few blocks to devour a plate of french toast, but I finally made it. And The Cup Joint does not dissapoint. It was delicious! And everyone who worked there were pleasant and answered all of our questions. I'm so happy we have a neighborhood place to sit outside and eat. YUM CITY.

There was an easy breakfast menu, and a more extensive lunch menu, with a crazy list of sandwich concoctions. For our first visit, we decided that breakfast foods would be the focus. We split the french toast, and the standard scrambled egg plate. All passed the test. Home fries were so-so, but you can't win all your battles. A few strange things I noticed: when you order juice, they bring you an empty glass with ice, and a plastic bottle of juice. Is it an extra buck if you request they pour it for you?? Also, when you order coffee or iced coffee, they bring over a small holder of milk, and a small holder of simple syrup to help sweeten - I don't think I've ever seen simple syrup suggested for coffee before. We had to ask what it was.

We did stray from the breakfast menu just once, because it was nearly impossible to resist the allure of something called Pretzel Bread Stuffed with Cheddar and Honey Mustard. If you couldn't care less about eating tons of bleached white flower with little to no nutritional value, then by god run there now and order this appetizer immediately. It was awesome! I haven't perfected my supreme closer up food photography skillz yet, so I'll try and spare you the unpleasantness of a nasty zoom - in of the plate, so I'll post a small version. If you are brave, just click the below pic for a supremely large version:

Next time we'll try 'The Hoboken' which is their famous and most recommended sandwich. Can't wait to return. If you'd like to check out their full menu, visit The Cup Joint's official website:

The Cup Joint


Anonymous said...

agreed...French Toast and Pancakes are very good...wished they made omelettes though...You should try the French toast at the Malibu Dinner...nice and thick

Hoboken Hero said...

Next time I go to Malibu I will try their french toast. Thanks for the tip!