Monday, June 18, 2007

800 madison is going up!

The waters have receded and some serious work has begun. Peter the Pile Driver (centered, above) is still pounding in full force. And the entire site is covered in small rocks, to provide better drainage (I'm assuming).

Giant concrete fingers are popping out of the ground left and right, especially on the south side of this site:

We've also seen some of the wall molds going up along both Monroe and Madison streets, which essentially help support the creation of the foundation walls:

Mild mannered Chevy Cobalt???

Upon closer inspection it seems that Tarragon has hired security to police the area during the late afternoon and overnight shifts. He looks like he could definitely strike the fear of god in those who overstep their boundaries.

My three year old niece can pretty much outrun a Chevy Cobalt (on foot)! Not sure how effective his security tactics really are...

Do you think he carries around an electric tazer, or does he just shoot laser beams out of his eyes?


chip said...

Anyone have any illustrations of what 800 Madison is going to look like? Any retail planned? 6 stories high is what I have heard, anyone hear differently?

The only rendering I have seen is that useless overhead shot on the Upper Grand site.

Anonymous said...

No tazer or laser eye beams.
Actually the security guy turns into the Hulk and throws the car at you!

Hoboken Hero said...

No renderings yet, but I'm hoping Tarragon will release something soon...