Saturday, June 2, 2007

velocity hoboken open house - actually 40 open houses!

Drum roll please................................................

Big treat today. Here's your first look at Velocity Hoboken, the condo developement that is about to have a public auction for 40 of the 128 units. My verdict is in. Yes it's close to where you'd rather not like it to be at the moment, however this should be of no consequence. And in a year or two when many of the other major developements are finished, such as Metrostop and Upper Grand, and the forthcoming retail presence of the Monroe Center of the Arts, you'll be so happy you scooped one of these puppies up at a fraction of the cost of market rate. From living in the area for a while now, it is clear that these condos SHOULD be getting market rate, just like anything else within a 10 block radius. I'm not kidding. YES, the original asking prices are way to high for this market, that is painfully obvious. Whomever drummed up the original asking prices should be fired because they are were way too aggressive. There's no wonder they had a hard time selling. However, the construction and ameneties are top notch for Hoboken, and you'd be a fool not to look at Velocity Hoboken if you are interested in upgrading your living space. Everything in life takes patience, and most things in life take a healthy imagination. So open your mind, start scrolling down, and think about the bigger picture. You'll be glad you gave it some thought:

Ok, so here we go. I stopped by there today to check out the scene, and to see if there was indeed interest in this whole auction idea. Low and behold, there were a healthy amount of people mulling around the property. I'll take you through my experience, but first, here a few shots of one of the model apartments on view. The whole statement of Velocity is baroque, modern, and contemporary- with a little bit of The Shining thrown in for excitement! Ladies and Gentlemen............heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny:

When you approach the building, the first thing you notice is the GINORMOUS vertical sign that proudly announces the upcoming auction. People who are commuting on the light rail see it to and from work, people who hang out at the Monroe Center of the Arts also get to see it everyday. And finally, us real estate junkies who drive around looking for open houses will surely spot this sign. It's hung on the north side of the east building:

So when you enter the building on Jackson Street, there's a table of representatives that ask you to fill out some brief info, and then they give you a folder full of pricing, square footage, availabilities, and marketing material. Every single one of the 40 apartments that are being auctioned off on June 24th are open and available to look at RIGHT NOW. Every single one. And the good news- they are empty and they let you wander around the property at your own free will. Everything is open so you can check things out- the apartments, the courtyard, the gym, the parking garage- everything. It's very fun. I'm totally not being sarcastic. I love it!

My partner totally can't stand the two chandeliers that are hanging in the lobbies of both the west and east building, and of course- I totally dig them in every way possible. Why not?

P.S. The woman attending the door (pictured above) was the BEST part of this experience. She should be selling these units personally. She was so sweet and helpful:

Anyway, back to the business at hand. The next two pictures are of the east (first) and west (second) elevator banks. It's hard to tell from these pics, but one is shocking red, and the other is blood orange. Pretty cool. They've used this type of wall covering that has a 3D pattern effect. It looks like plaster molds at first, but up close it's really a type of foam applique that is applied to the wall and then painted. Or it comes in color already. I'm not sure. If anyone knows exactly what this is, please email me by clicking here.

It's squishy when you touch it, and sort of feels like it's tacky from just being painted. Interesting idea. Definitely makes a statement. Wonder how it will hold up to wear and tear? Here's a close-up:

Below are some pics of the hallways. Basically each hallway is white, the walls are covered in texture - each level has a different pattern on the wall. And each floor has its own color carpet. The 2nd floor has a red carpet, the 3rd floor has an orange carpet, and the 4th floor has a chocolate carpet. To my eye, the chocolate carpet/ stark white wall combo is the most eye pleasing. To be honest, the halls are slightly unnerving. The difinitive mistake REMI made when finishing this project was putting a drop ceiling and corporate office lighting in the halllways. Definite mistake. It doesn't look so hot, and I wasn't the only one who felt this way. The corporate nature of the ceilings takes away from the decorative baroque feel of the wall treatments:

This place is all about texture. It's one of the selling points, and actually I think it's pretty great - definitely unique to Hoboken. Here's a close-up of one of the hallway walls:

Now it's kitchen time - they look great. Standard 'luxury' kitchen of the moment. Nice appliances- top of the line fridge. Large slabs of black granite, generous counter space, and grey tile flooring. Everything's in check. Then after that I've posted some empty condo shots. Medium tone hardwood floors, over size windows, enormous closets in every unit- I'm talking walk in closets that in New York would be studio apartments. Amazing:

The absolute best part of these condos are the bathrooms. They're big, they are chock full of marble, have huge mirrors, beautiful modern hardware and fixtures, and sick double size frameless glass showers. I couldn't capture a proper pic of the glass shower without a crazy glare, so I've included one of a 'tub version' which you'd find in the 2nd bath. The master bath you'll have to see on your own! Taking the risk on bidding on one of these condos will be worth the chance to have some serious shower time up in there. Hands down the best part of this development. Pics didn't turn out so great, and certainly these images do not do the place justice, but here you go. You must go check them out yourself in person, it's the only way to truly appreciate the job well done:

Other cool hardware in the building: every door knob looks like this:

Here's a shot of the juliet balcony. You all know my feelings about juliet balconies, but there they are. These have double sliding doors, and double sliding screens, so if you want to skip the elevator and just jump head first into the courtyard- there's your way out. Or if you just want to kill yourself out of unhappiness because you've finally realized a juliet balcony is not a real balcony at all and you'll never find a hibachi small enough to fit out there, then,'s your opportunity:

By the way, the above pic is everyone's view from the 2nd floor, if your condo faces the courtyard. Same with the pic below:

These next two pictures are your courtyard view if you live on the 4th floor:

Massive difference, huh? If you are thinking about bidding- bid for the higher floor, because the view is much better. And the starting prices are the same no matter what floor. If you purchase a condo that faces the light rail - which I'm sure is a concern - well, I can assure you, it's not a bad move. All you see, whether on the 2nd floor, 3rd, or 4th, is trees. Lush, green trees along the cliffs. Pretty sweet, especially if you are moving from the city. None of us are accustomed to staring at trees out your living room windows. The light rail is of no concern- all it makes is a wooshing sound when it breazes by. Does not bother at all. You'll sleep through it too. Trust me on this, it's not a problem. Here are few shots of the 2nd story private entrances. Each staircase entrance provides entry to two apartments. Kind of cool to have your own stoop. I had one years ago and have missed it ever since. And if you live on the light rail side - you can literally run out the door and hop on the train, which is pretty sweet:

Here's a pic of the gym - there's one in each building. On the small side, considering this developement is an entire block long, but hey at least you have a gym! And it has a bathroom, full of marble:

Here's a pic of the parking garage - also one in each bulding, on each side of the lobbies. They are well lit and open. No hiding places for the boogie man:

And lastly, (I'm exhausted by the way) here are a few pics of the courtyard - the other gem of this property:

The people who end up living here are going to LOVE this courtyard. It's gorgeous, sunny, lush, and full of promise. It feels very expansive, and because of the landscaping and locked gates, it's totally private. When lounging there, it's like you're in your own private oasis, free from all the riff raff. It's wifi ready, not to mention private property, so you can drag your laptop down to the grass, crack open a bottle of Veuve Clicquot with your honey, and read about how chic your new neighborhood is becoming on Hoboken Hero and wink at each other, because you know you made the right decision. So go ahead and smile. Then laugh. Then kiss.


Anonymous said...

"Top of the line fridge" my ass.

Sub-Zero and Viking are top of the line. These appliances are cheap GE Profile--the fridge isn't even counter depth! If you're going to go with shitty, "stainless steel" GE crap (stainless steel on the front panel only, of course!), at least step up to the Monogram series.

This whole kitchen stinks of mediocrity. It's what suburban housewives in Ohio must think of as a "high end" stainless steel kitchen.

Then again, most of the people moving to Hoboken are probably frat/sorority types from the midwest. This will probably feel like home to them.

realist said...

Hell on earth.. I would never live in this future ghetto.

Anonymous said...

Lovely view of the housing projects.

Anonymous said...

My, my, my, snob alert! (And no, I'm not a suburban housewife from Ohio.)

At least get a better grip of what the top appliances really are if you're going to go that route, would you?

Anonymous said...

I'm no snob, but GE Profile appliances are hardly "luxury" or "top of the line".

"Get a grip of what the top appliances really are"?

Um, I believe I already mentioned Sub-Zero and Viking. Tell me, in a "standard luxury" kitchen, what's higher end fridge than a built-in Sub-Zero?

Don't get mad because I insulted your mid-range GE Profile crap.

Anonymous said...

Hoboken Hero, you are so obviously being paid by Remi to write this stuff. Seriously, you need to work on mixing in a few sentences that aren't variations on "And let's slob the knob of the developer some more!!!"

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was one of the people at the open house and I think that people who read this should know that the unfurnished apartments were completed unfinished. The tiles in the shower were discolored which I'm not sure has to do with the tile itself or the water. There were holes in the walls that were not covered properly, baseboards on the cabinets that were two different colors, cabinet doors that were not hung correctly, and finally spackel messes all over the bathroom. I kept asking if that was going to be fixed before the auction and I was told 'yes' but with so many issues in so many units, I don't think it will happen. Also, someone pointed out the "heated garage", well it has to be heated because the pipes from the apartments above are exposed in the garage so this has to be done to prevent freezing. I wouldn't want to be in those first floor apartments and have to worry about someone accidentally hitting my pipes...

Hoboken Hero said...

I'm not getting a kick back from REMI.

Most first floor parking garages have a heating system of some kind.

Clearly Subzero/Viking are better than GE, but 'top of the line' means exactly what I said. It's the top fridge in GE's Profile Series. I didn't say 'top brand'.

Hope you at least enjoyed my pictures...


Anonymous said...

HH, you clearly have what can only be described as an unnatural amount of enthusiasm for Velocity. You really can't see why people would wonder about your motivations?

Anonymous said...

I don't think HH has an "unnatural" amount of enthusiasm for Velocity. If you have noticed, he has a great amount of enthusiasm for Hoboken in general. I for one, think it is great. Hats off to you, HH, for keeping us informed!

Chris Wonder said...

I hope HH's enthusiasm is genuine, but I have to agree it sounds more like a planned sales pitch.

"Scaffolding has just been installed along the east side platform of the 9th Street light rail station. This was done to prevent sustainable wood, recycled steel, biodegradable concrete, and other organic/ green materials from haphazardly falling off of Metrostop"

Who writes like this? Does the scaffolding only protect the falling 'green' debris, or the non-green debris as well? Sounds more like someone wanting to promote the use of 'green' materials in their project to me.

And by the way, the unfortunate installation of the 'not so charming iron clad swing door' at the Velocity courtyard was necessary because the neighborly residents of the projects one can see in the distance kept breaking the windows on the Velocity apartments. No doubt, something to look forward to.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for taking the time to provide information on the NW section of Hoboken. If the posters above followed you for some time they would know that you provide pictures and commentary to all happenings around the NW section and the Velocity just happened to be one of them.

Hoboken Hero said...

Thanks for your kind words. You are completely correct!


Anonymous said...

I have been through the project before and Velocity is an amazing addtion to this neighborhood. People don't seem to understand the unbelievable vaule they COULD get an auction. I went through several units and found them to be clean, complete and impressive.

I will probably register to bid. The city of Hoboken is providing alot of opportunity to developers in this area with Metro Stop and Treetop developments. I even heard that from someone at the open house that there was talk of moving the projects because this area is blossoming so much. With the location next to the light rail, the park within the building, the amenities and the potential to get a great deal....all negative comments addressed above are counterbalanced.

When else are you going to be able to potentially determine the value of your new home?????!

Anonymous said...

I agree to the comment above!! This opporunity for this neighborhood is amazing! Yes, thank you HH for your comments and informative ways!!

Velocity is a great addition and the auction is a great way to present potential for a good deal.

Anonymous said...


Poster from 6/7. I meant to say this..

The only reason you received so many negative comments is due to the fact that someone posted your url on Kannekt.

I'm moving into Metrostop when the building is ready to close and follow your comments.

Thank you.

Great job!

Anonymous said...

"I even heard that from someone at the open house that there was talk of moving the projects because this area is blossoming so much."

Hahaha... I laughed for a good ten seconds when I read that. Anyone gullible enough to believe that deserves a home where they can spend their day watching drug deals out your window - which is exactly what you're getting at Velocity. Those projects aren't going anywhere, except in your wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess - you poor fools who are enamored with the projects, or perhaps mildly believe they will be moved, must be the first line of suckers who overpaid in the first place. Oh, perhaps not, maybe moving here will cut back on your $4 cab rides to the hood to get your crack. I guess that can be viewed as "great".

Anonymous said...

Remi and their partners invested way(way)too much money in this project and are now screwed. The market has changed and they are praying something good will come from this auction. Marble this and stainless that, it's all crap when you look out the window. The lender wants their money so it's time have a fire sale. Surprised Remi forgot that its location, location, location.

Jay said...

There's a black woman there to open the door for you? What is this, Paterson Plank Plantation? I'm sure she was very "sweet and helpful". Did you call her Auntie?

This place has always looked like a penitentiary to me, although a "Baroque" one.

Anonymous said...

Loved the lobby, and it's varying types of molding nailed up the entire wall. What did they run out of ideas and send someone to home depot? Have fun keeping that timeless look clean. The hallways are cramped and way too long. The courtyard looks nice from above, but it follows form and not funtion. It is a poor use of space that provides little privacy for the dweller or terrace user. As this garden ages it will cut off the veiw for the dweller and further enhance to canyon effect for the user. How about some trees in the middle for some scale or are they going for the full fish bowl effect? calling this a gem might be alittle much. Imagine you and your wifi swilling wine while the entire complex has the ability to look down at you, sounds romantic. Save me a spot on your blanket!

Anonymous said...

i drove buy - the roadway makes you travel though the parking lot of a project - not good!
The building looks ok - its really in a horrific location. I think id off my self if i had to only look at the courtyard or the projects.
I would only take this if they hit my bid at exactly 200k

GT said...

Ive decided to buy all 40, so youre all screwed.....I will pay top dollar.

Anonymous said...

I was a purchaser who got out of contract after being lied to that 90 units were sold when in fact only 27 were under 26 since I backed out...

John said...

We went and looked and the places are nice, but it is in a REALLY BAD AREA. You will NOT want to walk outside at night. I live in Hoboken and in the Hoboken Reporter I am always reading of knife attacks, gun shots and robberies on that exact street! I'd rather finance another $100k over 30 yrs and be able to go get a gallon of milk at 10 pm without having the last seconds of my life straight out of when Ricki gets shot in Boyz in Da Hood. Not worth my hard earned money, I have to pass on this one. Sorry

Anonymous said...

If you look carefully at the center-left side of the first photo taken on the light rail side, you can see an undesirable ready to chuck a rock at your window.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the Velocity was conceived and planned when everyone was salivating at a chance for to buy in a new building. Now that bubble burst, it is back to the basics of real estate, location, and quality construction. If this buliding had been open to sell 2-3 years ago, they would have sold out in a couple of weekends. I would rahter have Velocity than an empty lot. As long as people no what they are getting in to whhen they buy there and don't pay too much, then fine. It isn't any worse than some sections of Brooklyn where people are paying much more. Anyone who thinks that the projects are going any where needs to wake up to reality. They are Federally funded...they will never close. They might not be the best place in the world to live, buy they do have a stringent code of conduct. They are one of the few projects in the area that have zero tolerence. You break the law or arent a good tennant and you are out.
As far as HH is concerned he a real estate agent. He is like all of us...a homeowner who want to live in a nice neighborhood and see the value of his home go up...

Anonymous said...

poster from above...I suck at typing...I meant to say HH is not a real estate agent and I do know the proper usage of no and know...

Anonymous said...


Thx for all the info and pics on the Velocity.

It would be great if you posted some of the sales prices as well.

Anonymous said...

Shut up all of you

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I must say I have done a complete walkthrough of velocity, and it is in fact more of like a polished turd than anything else. The build quality is medicre, the models are designed and decorated with a south beach wanna-be ikea flavor, and the location, ugh, well need i reiterate the dozens of other posts? It is indeed giving a moustache ride to the ghetto, those projects arent just for show, they are downright, hardcore projects, anytime of the day pass by and look at the caliber of people to put in kindly that are mulling about there and you will for certain hit the remote arm on your keychain an extra time just to make sure, and then at that walk away with your fingers crossed. Unfortunatley, if they werent right next door to the land, it may have a fighting chance, but take a shot in the dark development, a crap economic climate, mix it with overpriced units, shoddy amenities and accutriments, a nice view of a cliff and a railway, and then drizzle a good amount of hard core ghetto projects a stones throw away, well, the only thing that has any velocity is the name, cuz these things will be collecting dust for a long time, unless someones gonna nuke the neghborhood.

Anonymous said...

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