Friday, June 22, 2007

how many times can you fold it in half?

Here are some pictures of the Universal Folding Box Company, which has the murals painted it on it (from an earlier post.) It's at the far end of NW Hoboken, and sits all alone and quiet:

The property has a healthy dose of wild flowers, and a ton of those weeds you pick and blow away the seeds. I can't remember their name. Anyway, in this part of town the size of these weeds is like nothing I've ever seen! I tried capturing it with my trusty Leica, but the sheer size of these things does not translate properly when I take pictures. You can imagine though, a field of two feet tall weeds with circles of seeds the size of your head. Only in your nightmares. Especially if you are an alergy sufferer. It's quite alarming:

Here's the view looking south along Madison Street:

This closed up opening looks like it used to be for loading and unloading. Someone should paint a mural on it:

For such an industrial space, they have a very cool residential doorbell.


"Who's There?"



"Pizza Delivery."

"We didn't order a pizza..."


"Land Shark."

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Taith aka Journey etc said...

Those lovely lovely purple flowers 'weeds' are Thistle. The national emblem of Scotland.

Just do a google image search for 'thistle coins'.