Friday, June 15, 2007

stop and smell the flowers

Happy Friday everyone! Such a beautiful day today. Here are a few snapshots of flowers that I found outside a condo building on 8th and Adams. Whomever is maintaining the grounds should be given the Miracle-Gro-Superman-Award for their valiant efforts.

Here are a few much color!........

Here's a few shots of the entrance, which is on 8th Street between Adams and Grand. Not the chicest thing around, but nobody's perfect:

If anyone's interested in stopping by to smell the flowers, or to look into buying an available unit in the building, give LaBarbera a call. Kind of reminds me of Hanna-Barbera ( ! ), but I'm pretty sure none of the Jetsons have ever lived there.


Anonymous said...

Hoboken Hero!! How did you know I love the Jetsons!

Hoboken Hero said...

Doesn't everyone love the Jetsons??