Sunday, April 8, 2007

bricks bricks bricks

Took a walk past 1000 Jefferson yesterday morning, and the brick laying work is moving very quickly. It looks as though the developer is choosing varying colors of brick, which I'm assuming will help break up the immense size of this condo building that takes up the entire block.

It's massive!

Also some of the condos on the south side will have terraces:

And on the Madison Street side of the building, where there are ten separate entrances for which I think will be townhouses, they are building very cool staircase entrances:

Here's a shot of the first floor parking garage, which looks like it will fit a million cars. Which is great because with such a huge influx of people, we will definitely need the parking space. But of course, the downside is that there is little space for new retail opportunities. Currently it looks like each of the four corners of the building will have a retail presence of some kind. I can see it now....Starbucks on every corner!

Here's a link to Upper Grand's real estate website, in case you'd like to check out whatever units they have left to sell, and to check out the master plan with all planned buildings going up by this developer:

The finished building and corner retail units will look something like 1100 Adams, which is also part of the 'Upper Grand' developement project:

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