Saturday, April 28, 2007

fields crossing workin' the corner

The biggest open house sign I've ever seen was unveiled today outside of Fields Crossing on the corner of 9th and Monroe. Spoke with the sales agent- there's an open house today for twelve condos left in the building, some of which are on the top floor with Manhattan skyline views.

Come on by if you'd like to check out some primo real estate offerings. Here's a link the the Fields Crossing website. It has some nifty floorplan action and decent pictures of a model apartment. Huge windows:


Anonymous said...

Dear HH,
Thank you for the wonderful pictures today. We, as well, were able to get a glimpse of the carnage earlier in the day. We also noticed YOU. We had one question--Love stinks? Explain please.

Hoboken Hero said...

Dear Anonymous,

I love animals, blue is my favorite color, and I enjoy borrowing from my partner's ironic t-shirt collection!

Glad to hear you are enjoying my pictures. Thanks for reading...