Friday, April 6, 2007

new metrostop website up

This morning I checked the metrostop website, which previously had just been a sign up page. Low and behold- they have launched the full site with a ton of glossy info on the new building. It's chock full of floors plans, digital renderings (posted below), amenities that seem very chic like white granite counter tops and limestone bathrooms, and info on the full glass first floor retail space, which will include a restaurant called Amelia's, and a coffee shop. THANK GOD for the coffee shop. I can barely open my eyes on my way to work because the area is lacking a good coffee shop within walking distance of the light rail. Don't ask why can't I make my own coffee and take it with me. I can't answer that question!

And even though the space where the building will occupy is slim and rather tiny, they have managed to fit in a sculpture garden, outdoor lounge furniture, tons of open space, an additional entrance to the light rail platform, and a 'green roof' that will be covered in grass and plants, to help lower energy bills, and provide a rooftop park with views of the city. Prices start in the low $400's, which is practically free compared to Manhattan.

Also it should be noted that zip car is providing a fleet of hybrid Toyota Prius's for the building, which will be available to residents. Zip car is a great membership service that provides cars whenever you need one. Very handy, especially if you rent cars all the time- this is way more affordable, and easy. Here's the website:

Renderings of Metrostop courtesy of Metro Homes, LLC.

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