Friday, April 20, 2007

nicole meet everyone, everyone meet nicole

Here's another great example of a cool oldie but goodie that was turned into condos. Everyone, meet 'The Nicole'. She is very charming, and seems like a totally adorable place to live. And yes, that is her real name. I have proof:

Whoever Nicole is (the human inspiration), she must be some special lady. Anyone have any ideas as to who she might be? If so, please drop me an email:

Here is the view of the building along 8th Street, with the entrance at the far end, between Madison and Jefferson. The lobby is pretty cool, with leather couches, a ton of light colored marble and crown molding. I couldn't get a clear shot for you, but rest assured it's very nice. There's also a sign outside declaring that it's a 'green' structure, since it's been renovated.

And here is the back entrance, which is on Madison Street, as well as the back area of the building where there is parking for residents. Parking in Hoboken = true luxury:

I think there's one apartment left in the building. If interested, ask for Michael!


Tara said...

The developer's name is Seth, one of his daughter's name is Nicole. There is another building named after his other daughter (the Carla?)

Hoboken Hero said...

Interesting, thank you for the tip. I must search out The Carla! If anyone knows where it is please let me know...