Thursday, April 26, 2007

the great takedown continues

The demo of 900 Monroe is going much slower than I expected. When I spoke with one of the demo guys last week, he said to me, "Yeah, she's comin' down tomarra, fa shaw."

(Translation: Yes, she's coming down tomorrow, for sure.)

But after waiting for four agonizing days, it seems she's still up. About 1/5 of the building has been torn down, which you can see from these two pics:

Here's a great shot of the back of the warehouse, taken from the 9th Street light rail platform.

And finally, from the below image, you can see the warehouse demo to the left, the 9th Street light rail entrance and platform in the middle, and Fields Crossing to the right. Also captured the tail end of the metrostop construction- to the far right.


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